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Active shooter situations can happen anywhere, at anytime. On average, there are more than 300 active shooter incidents in the United States every year. While we cannot always prevent an attack from happening, we can be prepared to respond properly and potentially save lives. By ensuring that every person in your organization is trained to respond, you can minimize or prevent violent acts. Explore how your team can prepare…

Active Shooter Atlanta

Active Shooter Atlanta will set you up with a set of skills that allows you to defend yourself in a hostile situation. These skills are: To be able to defeat an opponent at close range, keep yourself safe and others around you; To control people in high-stress situations; To work as a team if you’re part of the special forces. The course focuses on a combat-training, which gives you the skills needed to take control of a hostile situation. The course covers: combat techniques, strategies for keeping people safe and working with trained professionals.


AVERT stands for Active Violence Emergency Response Training. It is designed to prepare your organization to respond to active violence. Active violence is extreme situations of interpersonal abuse and threats which result in physical harm, often in a sudden, dramatic, and unexpected manner. The situation generates a high level of stress, intense emotions, and possible danger to bystanders and responders alike.