About Active Shooter Training Atlanta

Active Shooter Training Atlanta is an Atlanta based company that aims to provide the people of America with the most effective active shooter protection possible. We provide live active shooter training for businesses throughout Atlanta and beyond. We are dedicated to providing you, our clients, with the finest that we and the industry have to offer at the greatest possible price.

Active Shooter Atlanta is an emergency response company providing training and consulting on active shooter response. We provide courses at our facility and travel to local businesses to train employees on emergency response to minimize loss of life in the workplace. Courses are 10, 30, 45 and 60 hours long. All training is done using airsoft guns and real firearms for realism.

We strive to educate the public, while working with private groups to prevent against workplace loss of life in the event of an active shooter emergency. Train locally using our facility, or let us travel to your organization to conduct on-site training. Courses range from 10 to 60 hours long.

We provide emergency response training and consulting to prepare your business, school, or organization for an active shooter event. Realism in our courses is key to getting it right under pressure when time matters. We prepare your business, school or organization for an active shooter event. Our realistic training prepares the first responders who will arrive at the scene and reduces stress under pressure during emergency situations. All training will be done safely and with emphasis on following current policy and procedures.